The World of Lichenmoor

Fourth Branch Studios

The World of Lichenmoor

We are self-taught sculptors, creating together since 2009. We work with dozens of porcelain and stoneware clays and thousands of complex glaze combinations. 

Each piece is our original design. They are:
*sculpted by hand, often using tools we made
* glazed by hand with micro-brushes
* kiln-fired 2-3 times at volcanic temperatures 
* non-toxic and fadeproof
* made to be lasting heirlooms! 

We live in our native Appalachian Mountains, where we are homesteading in the wilderness. We have two tiny dogs, a tiny calico cat, a little snake, and countless wild friends. Every purchase helps us protect the magic forest! 

We are working on a book about our magical creatures and their world of Lichenmoor.

with love and good magic, 
Rowan, Ryan, & the wee beasties