Fourth Branch Studios

Dreamkeeper Mortar & Pestle Set

This mortar is a one-of-a-kind magical tool. It is fully functional!
The clay body is from a rare vein only found in our mystical mountains. It has the perfect amount of "tooth" to aid in grinding fresh or dried plant matter.

The mortar is wheel turned, and the pestle is our signature mushroom design. It gives you a better grind for less range of motion than traditional pestles!

Delicately glazed by hand.

There will never be another just like yours.

Care: Simply rinse under cool running water and air dry.
Washing with soap is not recommended, as the stoneware can absorb its scent.

Your magical companion will come to you gift packaged with eco-friendly materials, with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artists. You will also receive a Golden Ticket entering you to win our Mystery Magic Giveaway at Winter Solstice!